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• Waltz, for Mary and John, by Sherlock Holmes •

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when they said that the whole episode was essentially a love letter to john watson i was kind of expecting an episode that focused a lot on john and how wonderful he is, not, like, a literal love letter written by sherlock holmes to john watson on his wedding day celebrating eveyrthing that sherlock loves about him as he tries to come to terms with letting him go

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Worlds apart

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oh no little floofins

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That time when only Ben guesses Martin’s feet correctly

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Wholock - The Doctor and Sherlock discuss the delicate subject of jumping out of cakes.

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@WaterstonesOxfordSt is my favorite

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I wonder if John’s “I don’t care how you faked it” hurts Sherlock because John used to call him amazing and fantastic whenever Sherlock would display his cleverness.  And now he doesn’t even want to hear it.